Buy original art online in the UK

Buy original art online in the UK

My Name is Dave and I sell original art from the Essex region of the United Kingdom.

My art is affordable and many paintings are priced under £100 (but maybe not forever).

All work is created independently by myself, I don't tend to do much realism and prefer to delve into the more expressive side of painting. 

How do you buy art online?

Simple, choose an item to your liking in the gallery and click add to cart. From there you will be given instructions on how to buy.

What sort of art do you create?

Mainly oil paintings with a few mixed media pieces on paper. All my work is original. I talk more about my art here.

Is original art worth buying?

Whether you're looking to invest or just buy for the hell of it. Here is a little more on whether original art is worth buying.

Thanks Dave.