As a Uk artist based in Essex, Southend, Dave Nevard grew up in a family of artists. His mother reproduces classics by painters such as Van Gogh, while his brother is a brilliant realism artist. His own highly emotive style stands tall within the genre of expressionism. Nevard has been aptly described by various press critics as producing a complete mix of work in the manner of a "scatter gun", of being "dark", "explosive", "fervent" and "impassioned". The results of his often fast-painting process depends entirely on Nevard's mood of the moment. Sometimes his art is full of angst, sometimes uncomfortably twisted, bleak, desperate or occasionally tinged with black humour... but whatever the tone, it's always guileless, warts and all. "For me, emotion is more important than technique" he says.

Having started to exhibit, sell and take his art seriously since 2010, Dave Nevard is one of the most exciting artists to emerge from the burgeoning arts scene of Southend-on-Sea. Buyers of his work are people from all walks of life, including singer Matt Belamy of the rock band Muse, high ranking businessmen and overseas art collectors.

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